In Stitches

I’ve really been getting into photo-stitching lately.  I’m not sure what it is that draws me to it.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been too many places that left me with the “I can’t fit this all into the viewfinder” feeling.  Case in point…the Grand Canyon.  Either you take a photo from a mile […]

Part 1: Stop it, Microsoft. You Are Confusing Me!

It’s a love/hate relationship, me and ol’ Microsoft.  Goodness knows I’ll never leave her, but sometimes she can be so aggravating!  I could never bring myself to jump ship for the pretty, glitzy, expensive, exclusive (pretentious?) alternative of Apple, but MS could certainly learn a thing or two about clear messaging, marketing and cohesive software […]

I’m fascinated by technology and, specifically, mobile technolog y. is a cool combination of many of my interests, including mobile tech.  It lets you track your fuel economy by uploading your fueling data, either on the website or on your web-enabled phone.  Here are the two vehicles that I drive.  (Oh, and it let […]

Be a Bit Bigger

Something that’s rattled around in my brain over the last several years is my (our) propensity to cling to things that will make us feel a bit bigger.  This election has yet again brought this concept to the forefront of my thinking.  It’s certainly not something unique to politics, elections, the economy, social issues, etc…it […]

Back in Black

Gadzooks!  It’s been over a year since my last real post.  I never intended such a sabbatical from the bloggery but a sabbatical was taken nonetheless.  I have had t o be quite strategic with my time and writing these little sweet nothings was quickly placed upon the back burner as I began to learn […]