Back in Black

Gadzooks!  It’s been over a year since my last real post.  I never intended such a sabbatical from the bloggery but a sabbatical was taken nonetheless.  I have had t o be quite strategic with my time and writing these little sweet nothings was quickly placed upon the back burner as I began to learn the intricacies of married life, remodeling a house, remodeling a house while learning the intricacies of married life (two things that should never be mixed), starting a business while working full time, and the oddities of trying to live as close to normally while dealing with poor health.

Diving back into the blog, my intention is to find an outlet for my thoughts.  I have many interests (from technology to woodworking to motorcycling to life in a modern world) and I enjoy cataloging these things as they flit around in my brain.  Interspersed will be thoughts on life in general, and my life in specific.  Ok, so here goes…

Hawaii dive

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